Our EM360 upgrade is a Plug and Play console replacement for all EM NMR spectrometer:
EM360, EM360A, EM360L as well as the EM390.

Advantages of the upgrade:

  1. It turns the old CW spectrometer into a modern FT (Fourier Transform) NMR spectrometer with a better S/N and spectra accumulation.

  2. Uses a standard Windows computer with Ethernet and an easy to use graphical user interface.

  3. NTNMR software site license for instrument control and data processing. A number of modern 1D and 2D NMR experiments are available in our NMR pulse sequence library.

The EM360 upgrade is available in three configurations:

Standard: 1H NMR                             Advanced: 1H - 13C NMR                               Research: 1H - Broadband

The upgrade is based on a LapNMR (Tecmag) single board NMR spectrometer including new pulsed RF power amplifier, low noise preamplifier, transcoupler and shim control. The old EM360/390 remains fully functional.

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EM360 upgrade